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Past Events

Attended - 140

Clean Noida Youth Champions 2021

With the belief in the power of youth, HCL Foundation under its Clean Noida project invited young change-makers from Delhi/Noida/NCR to present their inspiring and impactful journeys towards making a better future. Dedicated young leaders aged 15 - 40 years, who are bringing exponential results through their astonishing work and efforts in the areas of waste management, conservation, and environmental… Read More
Attended - 30 Date: 03-02-2021

Unveiling of Chakachak Noida

HCL Foundation through its Project Clean NOIDAlaunched a new initiative – the ‘Chakachak’ Village program. The objective of this initiative is to manage the municipal solid waste getting generated in a sustainable manner through community participation. As part of this, it introduced four ‘Jatayu’ vehicles for automatic litter picking covering 61 urban villages in Noida. Ms Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Chairperson,… Read More
Attended - 200 Date: 02-10-2020 - 04-10-2020

Virtual Meet on SWM on Gandhi Jayanti

Various sessions were being conducted on effective waste management to provide solutions towards minimizing waste generation and its effective management through hacks and solutions. 1) Effective Waste Management With this workshop, we focused on driving a solution based mind set towards minimizing waste generation and then effectively managing the waste generated by looking at consumption patterns; listing down the top… Read More
Attended - 100 Date: 09-09-2020

Inaugural of Integrated Control & Command Centre

NOIDA Authority and Project Clean NOIDA, an initiative of HCL Foundation inaugurated an ‘Integrated Control and Command Centre’ (ICCC) to transform NOIDA into India’s cleanest city. Located within the authority’s facility at Sector 39, the state-of-the-art command centre will offer centralized support to the ongoing Citizen Grievance Redressal Program and increase effectiveness of internal resources and partners of NOIDA Authority.… Read More
Attended - 219 Date: 10-08-2020 - 15-08-2020

Waste into Wow

As most of us celebrated Independence Day from home this year due to current pandemic, we thoughts it’s the right time to ask citizens to look around their houses and search for waste materials to create the best out of waste. HCL Foundation under its Clean Noida project organized    an online contest “Waste into WOW” from 10th August to 15th… Read More
Attended - 120 Date: 15-06-2020 - 13-07-2020

Clean Noida Green Champions 2020

The Clean Noida Green Champions Programme was a 4-weeks experiential learning program where 120 participants gained knowledge, with an aim of making them aware and understand Solid Waste Management (SWM) process, adapt sustainable and best SWM practices and also how to manage waste at home during COVID-19 through online webinars and engagement activities at home.   HCL Foundation through this programme disseminated an opportunity to better… Read More
Attended - 550 Date: 03-06-2020-05-06-2020

Dustbin Mera Dost (World Environment Day 2020)

To celebrate World Environment Day 2020, HCL Foundation organised a 3 days online drawing competition to raise awareness about the role of dustbins in solid waste management from household waste to community waste. In last few months, HCL Foundation have installed hundreds of gully bins in NOIDA. Through this competition we talked about gully bins as well with participants. In just… Read More
Attended - 30 Date: 28-05-2020

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020

To celebrate the Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020, HCL Foundation under its Clean Noida Project organized an online workshop to discuss the issue of health and sustainability. The aim is to initiate conversations around menstrual hygiene, create awareness on sustainable menstrual management, and inspire action from the millennial generation. We discussed how COVID-19 has affected the women’s access to menstrual hygiene products… Read More
Attended - 123 Date: 23-02-2020 & 01-03-2020

Ready. Set. Plog

Clean Noida organized 2 plogging events with the moto to raise awareness about how the citizens can clear the littered waste from different public spaces (parks/markets/footpaths) while their regular jogging/walking exercise. A total of 123 ploggers, participated and collected 440 KGs of littered waste, from sector 18 and sector 50 market. Volunteers were also informed about how HCL Foundation is… Read More
Attended - Date: 07-02-2020 - 14-02-2020

Be My Valentine

In one of the primary initiatives under the project, over one thousand dustbins were installed around NOIDA within a period of 6 months which saw (amount of garbage collected) tons of garbage being collected. To commemorate the success of this initiative, a campaign was launched in the month of February named ‘ChakaChak Valentine’ which engaged with more than 64,000 residents… Read More
Attended - 233 Date: 23-01-2020

Solid Waste Management Workshop

HCL Foundation under its Clean Noida project organized the Solid Waste Management Workshop to raise awareness among college students about the work progress in the city and different practices to reduce waste. Students were shown the different work HCL Foundation team has done and how they are working closely with different stakeholders involving RWAs, local residents and volunteers from across… Read More
Attended - 5-6 lakh Date: 02-10-2019 - 06-10-2019

My Bag My Planet

No. of Bags Distributed: 12,600 Celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birthday, HCL Foundation installed the Biggest Plastic Bag at The Mall of India. This 24 ft high, 12 ft long and 8 ft wide bag was installed to raise awareness about 'No to single use plastic' and was prepared out of non-recyclable waste picked from the streets of Noida to indicate… Read More
Attended - 22 Date: 31-08-2019

No more cigarette butts in sector 37

Littered cigarette butts are the most widespread man-made pollutant and they harm the environment. Keeping this in mind, a cigarette butts’ collection drive was conducted in Godavari Market, Sector 37. 22 volunteers participated in the drive and collected cigarette butts to raise awareness about the pollution caused by them and if collected properly, they can be recycled and stopped from… Read More
Attended - 2000 Date: 21-09-2019

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 157 countries across the world for a cleaner planet.This World Cleanup Day, HCL Foundation along with NOIDA Authority and Decathlon came together to organise a mega Cleanup drive to clean the area around NOIDA stadium. The objective of the event was to create awareness about no… Read More
Attended - 500 Date: 15-08-2019

Independence Day Celebration in RWAs

On the occasion of Independence Day, we had various activities in 4 RWAs of NOIDA, namely Sector 14, Sector 15, Sector 35 and Sector 51. We distributed more than 1000 cloth bags to the residents of these 4 sectors to discourage their use of plastic bags. They all took a pledge to Say “No to Single Use Plastic.”The sanitary workforce… Read More
Attended - 215 Date: 19-07-2019

Nukkad Natak

Nukkad Natak is a unique way to spread valuable messages on sensitive topics and to engage the audience. Under the Clean Noida project, 4 Nukkad Nataks were performed on “No Littering and Solid Waste Management” at different market places in Noida, to make people aware about the consequences of littering and invite them to join as a volunteer for the… Read More
Attended - 50 Date: 03-08-2019

E-Rickshaws Inauguration in Sector 15-A

Effective Segregation means that less waste goes to landfills which makes it better for the people who are involved in handling and managing waste in the sector and also for environment. The waste management workforce is one of the most important stakeholders who have very important role to play in successful implementation of waste management program. To ensure this, we… Read More
Attended - 20 Date: 11-08-2019

Street art in Sector 30

A street art workshop on Solid Waste Management was organized for the children residing in Sector 30. The children were introduced to the world of street art so they can beautify their homes and the city streets. All participants were asked to draw an object which they can relate with Clean Noida Project or which will help us to clean… Read More
Attended - 40 Date: 12-07-2019

Beautification of park

We had a workshop with residents and kids of Sector 17 A and Harola to discuss about different types of waste and raise awareness about waste segregation. We did an activity with kids to understand their knowledge about waste and what happens to waste once it leaves the house. Kids really enjoyed the game and we gave chocolates for best… Read More
Attended - 40 Date: 21-07-2019

NGO Consultation

The objective of the workshop was to invite organizations working in Noida towards No littering and waste management for a discussion.The discussion started with introduction about work HCL Foundation is doing under Clean Noida project on Solid Waste Management. Individuals from different organizations like SAAPH, TREE, NOFAA, BHUMITRA, RAMVEER TANWAR, TRASH COMPANY, NAV URJA YUVA SANSTHA and SAAHAS took part… Read More
Attended - 101 Date: 28-07-2019

Ride for Clean NOIDA

Cycling being known as the most primeval form of commuting and the only form which promotes being healthy. Taking these attributes of cycling along and keeping the tradition alive, HCL Foundation conducted a Cycle Ride Event together with some activities with the idea of keeping our Noida clean and promotes tidiness for the place we breathe in. An early morning… Read More
Attended - 600 Date: 04-06-2019

World Environment Day

On the occasion of WED, HCL Foundation organized a week long campaign to bring together the city in working towards the waste management issues that the city has been dealing with and raise awareness about no littering.   Three cleanliness drives took place in Bhakhtawarpur and Raipur to engage with volunteers and residents. The mega event was hosted on the… Read More
Attended - 20 Date: 23-05-2019

Awareness Sessions with Workforce

The waste management workforce is one of the most important stakeholders who have very important role to play in successful implementation of waste management program. And hence, we conducted the training of workforce of RWA 15 A and Morna village. The workforce was informed of their crucial role in the process of waste management. They were educated about the different… Read More
Attended - 50 Date: 22-05-2019

Awareness Session with Club Staff of Sector 15-A

The event was conducted with the staff members including security guards, cleaning staff, chefs, gardening staff etc. of club of sector 15A. The event started with making the staff aware of solid waste and explaining the importance of source segregation to them. We asked them to start segregating the waste in their own houses and prepare the compost from segregated… Read More
Attended - 800 Date: 16-05-2019

Awareness Session with School Students

The children always carry the enthusiasm of bringing in change within their surroundingsand hence, we conducted awareness programs in various schools in villages of Atta, Morna and Raipur with a total of around 800 students of various classes. We conducted events with a motive to aware the school children on the topic of importance of solid waste management with respect… Read More
Attended - 600 Date: 10-05-2019

Awareness Events through Nukkad Natak

Streets are where the local people can be reached and we can easily deliver our views to them. And hence, awareness events were organized by Samvedna to reach the masses through NUKKAD NATAKS. We identified a local team so that they can easily deliver the message to the people in the local way and easily connect with the people with… Read More
Attended - 500 Date: 08-05-2019

No Littering Event in Harola

Project Clean Noida an initiative of HCL Foundation has conducted an awareness campaign on “No Littering” in Upper Primary School, Harola. It was a three-day campaign which started from 6th May and came to an end on 8th May 2019. The objective of the campaign was to involve community in cleaning and beautifying the streets of Harola using community painting… Read More
Attended - 185 Date: 29-04-2019

Awareness Events through drawing Competitions

Awareness to be spread among children on any topic is a way to reach the parents and then as a whole to the society. To reach every individual and the society as a whole, we decided to touch the hearts of the children of the villages and know their views. It is believed that children are like moulds whom we… Read More
Attended - 420 Date: 22-04-2019

Awareness Session on Earth day in Harola

HCL Foundation under its Clean Noida Project celebrated Earth Day, 22nd April by conducting an activity based awareness session with approximately 500 school students of upper primary school located in Sector 5, Harola (an urban village), Noida.  All the activities undertaken were designed to aware the children on the importance of our mother earth by inculcating a sense of waste… Read More
Attended - 1600 Date: 22-04-2019

Earth Day Event

This Earth Day, we sought an opportunity to initiate the projects connected with our dear HCLites, by making them aware about Clean Noida Project and helping them contribute towards a cleaner and greener living. We received a large number of HCLites who pledged to maintain cleanliness, not litter, reuse and reduce waste, create green spaces etc. The pledge signing event… Read More
Attended - 50 Date: 18-04-2019

Awareness Session with Ladies of sector 15-A

Segregation of waste is the most important step for the waste treatment. If the waste is not segregated, it all gets mixed up in landfills resulting in release of toxic gases and harming the environment. To make this understand to the community, HCLF conducted an event with the ladies of Sector 15-A on waste segregation. The event started with explaining… Read More
Attended - 300 Date: 17-04-2019

Noida Day

A study by Housing & Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO), a government agency and consultant with the Noida authority for waste disposal, stated that a person generates 500 grams of waste per day while a family of five generates 2.5kg of waste a day. According to the study, Noida’s 14 lakh population generates nearly 660 tons of waste daily.So, looking for… Read More
Attended - 60 Date: 22-03-2019

Workshop for Domestic Help on Waste Segregation at Sector 15A

Effective Segregation means that less waste goes to landfills which makes it better for the people who are involved in handling and managing waste in the sector and also for environment. Almost all the houses have an average of 2 to 3 domestic helps for household works in the sector. Domestic helps, while they do household work like- cooking, cleaning,… Read More