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Clean Noida Green Champions 2020

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Attended - 120

Clean Noida Green Champions 2020

The Clean Noida Green Champions Programme was a 4-weeks experiential learning program where 120 participants gained knowledge, with an aim of making them aware and understand Solid Waste Management (SWM) process, adapt sustainable and best SWM practices and also how to manage waste at home during COVID-19 through online webinars and engagement activities at home.


HCL Foundation through this programme disseminated an opportunity to better understand Solid Waste Management (SWM) both, at household and community levels, to look at waste management through the lenses of Gender and Resource parameters, how the regular SWM has been impacted by COIVD 19, etc., and all these thematic areas with the help of waste management experts. Below mentioned were the activities taken up by the participants each week:


  1. Household Waste Audit: A waste audit helped the participants know about their current waste generation and how much they could recycle instead and categorized the trash into dry, waste and hazardous.
  2. Resource Mapping: They created a resource map of their locality to map households, dustbins places, waste dumping zones and waste processing zones in their areas.
  3. Survey Designing: Participants were required to collect data from at least 20 households (through telephonic conversations) and understand challenges faced by the household during COVID-19. Through this survey we were targeting to collect data of 1500 to 2000 households.
  4. Campaign Designing: As a part of group activity, each team was required to design a small campaign to understand the pre-campaign designing stage, like how to use data to identify problems, choosing target audience, means of communication and messaging type.


Highlights of the Event: 

  • 8 webinars with SWM experts covering different topics of SWM covering the above thematic areas.
  • 4 Waste-pe-Charchha session to discuss the issues and solutions pertaining on SWM and stakeholder responsibilities.

All the participants were given digital certificates, sustainable goodies box and E-vouchers after successfully completing the 1-month internship program.