COVID-19 update and our response


E-Waste Recycling: There’s so much we don’t know about Electronic Waste

Humans and electronics have been inseparable, since the rise of dependency on electronics in the 21st century. Electrical and electronic equipment such as laptops, phones, refrigerators, blenders, ovens and many more have become vital for our daily needs. We wake up every morning and make our coffee – either by using a coffee machine or a kettle, we check the… Read More

The Plastic Pandemic: Staying home, spreading sustainability

Although plastic was the revolutionary object that modernised and made life convenient in the 20th century, the 21st century has woken up to the perils of plastic consumption. The problems of non-biodegradability are greater than its practicality and cost effectiveness. Plastic is anything but environmentally friendly. Then 2020 hit and with it the unexpected coronavirus pandemic has been causing havoc… Read More