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Solid Waste Management Workshop

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Attended - 233

Solid Waste Management Workshop

HCL Foundation under its Clean Noida project organized the Solid Waste Management Workshop to raise awareness among college students about the work progress in the city and different practices to reduce waste. Students were shown the different work HCL Foundation team has done and how they are working closely with different stakeholders involving RWAs, local residents and volunteers from across Noida to making it one of the cleanest city in the country. The workshop covered different aspects to sensitise students on how they can be a part of the solution for the problem of plastic pollution, 4 R’s for waste management.


After the workshop the students wrote letters to the residents of Noida, thanking them for their support towards the Clean Noida project and also writing about the importance of SWM and to take responsibility of their waste and participate in making their city clean. They also Made resolution cards for themselves to remind different things they will be doing this year to ensure cleanliness of the Noida city.