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Virtual Meet on SWM on Gandhi Jayanti

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Attended - 200

Virtual Meet on SWM on Gandhi Jayanti

Various sessions were being conducted on effective waste management to provide solutions towards minimizing waste generation and its effective management through hacks and solutions.

1) Effective Waste Management
With this workshop, we focused on driving a solution based mind set towards minimizing waste generation and then effectively managing the waste generated by looking at consumption patterns; listing down the top wasteful plastic products generated by individual/family and calculate their plastic footprint through Plastic Footprint Calculator.
Also this workshop focused on how to apply 4 R’s for Waste Management (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Refuse) as a sustainable alternative to the waste generation.

2) Waste Management Hacks
This workshopwas based on targeting specific waste management issues faced in the relevant target group. For instance, for a resident block/area where waste segregation might be the main issue being faced, solution focused workshops on importance of waste segregation as well as easy tips and innovative tricks to reduce waste generation was conducted.

3) DIY and Upcycling Workshop
An upcycle artistic conducted training workshop for children and interested adults on upcycling in crafty ways. The artist used materials to make “Best out of Waste”, thus majorly focusing on creative reuse of waste materials generated, adapting sustainable waste reduction.

4) Storytelling Workshop
Through this workshop, the storyteller shared the impact of plastic on environment and alternatives for plastic via stories. The storyteller enthralled children and adults with stories about plastic heroes and sea creatures facing plastic impact and other inspirational solution focused stories. To tackle this rising issue, how humans need to join hands to reduce plastic waste generation and focus on effective sustainable solutions for the same were also discussed.

Through this, we aim to transform and empower the youth to make a difference not only to their lives but to their communities as well by leading a Plastic-free lifestyle.