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Ride for Clean NOIDA

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Ride for Clean NOIDA

Cycling being known as the most primeval form of commuting and the only form which promotes being healthy. Taking these attributes of cycling along and keeping the tradition alive, HCL Foundation conducted a Cycle Ride Event together with some activities with the idea of keeping our Noida clean and promotes tidiness for the place we breathe in. An early morning bicycle ride was organized on 28th July, 2019 in partnership with the Noida Cycling Club to raise awareness about the waste that every household is generating and how this is contributing to GVP by visiting unauthorized waste dumping sites.

Around 100 riders across Noida and NCR took part in Clean Noida Bike Ride,covering 25+ KM from GIP Mall to HCL Office Sector 126, riders visited different dumping sites and the major highlight of the event was throwing 2000 seed balls and giving lives to new plants to promote freshness in the environment. Riders really liked the idea of visiting dumping sites as they mentioned we were not aware that we have so many dumping sites around us and also how HCL Foundation team is working on ground. Few bikers from Faridabad also joined the ride and they appreciate the work team is doing by organizing such engaging campaign and raising awareness.