HCL Foundation

HCL Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the multinational company HCL, was established in 2011. It aims to bring about lasting positive impact in the lives of people through long-term sustainable programmes in education, health, livelihoods and environment, as well as providing disaster response and rehabilitation support. The following are our flagship programmes –

Clean Noida

NOIDA is a bustling metropolitan with all the dynamics and complexities associated with one. As the city grows exponentially day by day, so does the amount of municipal solid waste generated within its periphery. With its corporate headquarters in NOIDA, UP and realising that there is a need for long-term vision to manage solid waste, HCL Foundation has partnered with NOIDA Authority to strengthen city’s waste management system and contribute in making it one of the cleanest cities in the country.

HCL Foundation has launched an initiative Clean NOIDA and intends to carry out works and services to implement effective solid waste management in Noida city.This initiative aims to transform the city into a litter and waste free region, covering all Residential Welfare Associations and urban villages. The major focus areas of the project are capacity building of relevant stakeholders, intensive behaviour change campaigns, awareness drives and technological solutions


To transform NOIDA into a visibly clean city, where the municipal solid waste getting generated is managed in a sustainable manner


To forge partnerships, bridge gaps, build capacities, increase stakeholders’ involvement, sensitize citizens, bring in innovative solutions and thereby revolutionize the municipal solid waste management system in NOIDA

Projects Design

Infrastructure Development: No visible littering

541 Litter Bins
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  • Installation of twin litter bins in spots allocated by NOIDA authority
  • City wide media campaigns to inculcate behavioural change
  • Litter free zones establishment

Garbage Vulnerable Points Reclamation: Zero open waste dump sites

1500 GVPs
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  • Cleaning of all major and minor dump sites
  • Beautification of all cleaned dump sites through wall paintings, wall art or plantations
  • Community sensitisation and monitoring to prevent build up.

Sustainable Cleanliness: Community driven action for sustaining the cleanliness

65 Urban Villages
90 Residential Sectors
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  • Building community structures and systems for effective management of waste
  • Dust free streets, segregated household waste collection and safe disposal
  • Training and capacity building workshops for different stakeholders
  • Technical knowledge and support for establishing best practises