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Earth Day Event

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Attended - 1600

Earth Day Event

This Earth Day, we sought an opportunity to initiate the projects connected with our dear HCLites, by making them aware about Clean Noida Project and helping them contribute towards a cleaner and greener living. We received a large number of HCLites who pledged to maintain cleanliness, not litter, reuse and reduce waste, create green spaces etc. The pledge signing event took place at 6 different locations, Sector 126, Gate No. 1/2/3 and Café 1/2/3 where we received a positive response while interacting with HCLites. With more than 1500 participants, of which 1000 participants showed interest in volunteering for further activities and events that will be organised under Clean Noida Project.

A 5-days long cleanliness drive around HCL Technologies Hub, SEZ, sector-126 was also carried out to sensitize people about keeping the surrounding clean and throwing waste in the bins. Approx. 300 trolleys (200 tons) of waste was lifted, of which horticulture and C&D share a larger proportion of waste. An awareness session was conducted along with approx. 100 vendors outside HCL campus, with messages viz. no littering, proper disposable of waste, no overflowing of bins etc. Similarly, the plantation drive was conducted on the service road which was cleaned during the cleanliness drive, where volunteers also promised to maintain cleanliness in the vicinity. Along with these efforts, at various public locations messages were shared through banners to make everyone aware of this initiative that HCLF has undertaken to make NOIDA clean and contribute equally towards its goals.