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Clean Community Challenge

Clean Community Challenge(CCC) is organized by HCL Foundation, in association with the Noida Authority. It aims to mobilize RWAs and build their capacity to deliver clean and responsible communities. HCL Foundation, under its flagship program Clean NOIDA, invites all RWAs in the city to take up the Challenge and help Noida become a sustainable model of cleanliness.
RWA Registration Form
Resident Welfare Association (RWA) Details:

RWA Representative Details:



On behalf of our resident welfare association, we express our interest to participate and register in the Clean Community Challenge. We agree to undertake cleanliness initiatives in our premises and mobilize our community.

We will report the progress for the competition as per prescribed process and formats. We have read and understood the terms and conditions of the competition and hereby agree to abide by the same.

We undertake to extend full cooperation to the organizers in carrying out this challenge. We permit the HCL Foundation to contact us and engage with our RWA for the challenge process.

Read Terms and Conditions of the Challenge Here.

I declare that I am authorized personnel of our RWA and have the power to submit the registration form on behalf of the RWA.

I have read the terms and conditions of the challenge and accept the same.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Each resident welfare associations (RWAs) shall submit no more than one application for participation. In case of two or more applications by the same RWA, the registration may be cancelled.

2. The participating RWA shall follow the competition process and formats as prescribed by the HCL Foundation from time to time.

3. The RWA declares that they’re a registered legal entity under the applicable laws in India.

4. The RWA agrees to submit the information true to the best of their knowledge.

5. The RWA shall not engage into any unethical activities to influence the results of the competition.

6. The HCL Foundation may disqualify the RWA if it fails to abide by the terms and conditions of the competition without any justification.

7. The decisions of the HCL Foundation on all aspects of the competition shall be final and binding upon all the parties. All the parties agree not to dispute the decisions made by the HCL Foundation.

8. The HCL Foundation will not enter into any justification with respect to disputes related to results of the competition.

9. The participant agrees to grant the perpetual and non-exclusive rights to HCL Foundation for data and media collected under the competition.

10. The prize / rewards cannot be transferred / liquidated / redeemed for cash without prior permission of HCL Foundation up to a three-year period from the date of award. In case of violation, rights to the prize / reward may be revoked by the HCL Foundation.

11. Any expenses related to operations, maintenance and repair of prize / rewards over the lifecycle of the prize /reward shall be borne by the RWA.

12. In case of any events outside the control of HCL Foundation including acts of God, civil unrest, natural disasters, pandemic, vandalism, the HCL Foundation reserves the right to hold, postpone and cancel the competition process.

13. The HCL Foundation has right to terminate / suspend the challenge process at any point of time without any obligation to any parties.

14. The HCL Foundation assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, defects, delays, issues, or failures in the challenge process.

15. The HCL Foundation shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages to any party.

For queries, kindly write to: Abhishek Sinha (