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Community driven action for sustaining the cleanliness

  1. Infrastructure Upgradation and Technological Innovation:
  • To achieve the major objective of No Littering, 1,000+ twin litter bins installed across the city and 550 twin bins distributed to Market Associations in Noida
  • Setting up an Integrated Command Control Centre for efficient SWM process and real time monitoring of city-wide waste management
  • 1,000 GPS enables watches given to sanitation workers for attendance and monitoring their tasks
  • 06 Swachhta Sewa Kendras constructed for sanitation workers to motivate them for their job roles
  • More than 235 tonnes of waste cleared out of open dumpsites and these sites were then beautified by making rangoli and plantation to prevent build up
  1. Capacity Enhancement:
  • Capacity building workshop of around 4,000 sanitation workers on solid waste management for 2 and a half months along with distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits comprising masks, gloves, shoes, uniforms to ensure their safety during work
  1. Communication Campaigns:
  • Introduced mascots of Clean Noida, together termed as “Gully Bins” for mass information dissemination on waste management through wall arts, social media and out of home media installations in a fun and interactive content
  • City wide campaigns focused on engaging the community, creating a sense of belongingness for the place they live in and generating action from the citizens for making city litter free
Communication through outdoor media

Communication through outdoor media

Twin litter bins

Twin litter bins

Figure 6 GVP reclamation

GVP reclamation

Figure 7 Integrated Command Control center

Integrated Command Control center

Capacity building of sanitation workers