Signify your commitment to reduce waste and support HCL Foundation's Clean Noida initiative by signing #ZeroWaste pledge.
Let's take the responsibility of our waste and improve waste management in the city.

  • I pledge to segregate waste generated by me in atleast two dustbins, wet waste in Green and dry waste in Blue, as my contribution to the Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • I pledge to avoid single-use plastic and, to reuse recycle the other plastics that I use.
  • I pledge to educate my family, friends and my community to not litter and dispose of the waste responsibly.
  • I pledge to encourage at least 10 other people to take this pledge and spread awareness about waste management to protect human health and the environment.


This is to certify that

has taken the "Zero Waste" pledge and has committed to actively take part in waste management activities to make his/her city clean.
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